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Rapid Thromboelastograph (INACTIVE)

Specimen Container

1 Lt Blue

Specimen Collection Type


Minimum Volume To Collect (Ml)

1.8 mL

Pediatric Volume To Collect (Ml)

1.8 mL

Specimen Preparation

Send to lab ASAP


Ambient Stability: ASAP
Refrig Stability: Unable
Frozen Stability: Unable

Unacceptable Conditions

Over-filled or under-filled tubes,
Specimens drawn in tubes smaller than 1.8 mL

Preferred Transportation Temperature



TEG, HEPTEG, RAPTEG and HRTEG specimens cannot be used for any additional coagulation tests

All Light Blue (3.2% Sodium Citrate) tubes must be filled to the proper level as indicated on vacutainer tube no matter what size tube you are using

Do not draw above a running heparin line. If a line has ever had heparin in it, it is not suitable for coagulation tests

CLSI guideline for centrifugation of platelet poor plasma is 1500 x g for 15 minutes. Centrifuges which have been validated to produce platelet poor plasma are also acceptable (at the validated speed and time)

Platelet poor plasma has a platelet count of less than 10,000 platelets per microliter




Same day


Clot Characterization

Lab Department


Testing Location



Rapid TEG

Test OR Panel


Misc Instructions

SPECIMEN COLLECTION: Draw 1 FULL Light Blue (3.2% Sodium Citrate) tube or a syringe and discard or follow site-specific procedure for final disposition of specimen
Collect 1 Light Blue (3.2% Sodium Citrate) tube filled to the proper level as indicated on the vacutainer tube
Mix by gentle inversion at least 8 times
Do not use Lavender (K2 EDTA) or any tube containing gel (any color) or clot activator – usually Red (Serum) – as a
Any other test ordered must be drawn after the Light Blue (3.2% Sodium Citrate) tubes
SPECIMEN PREPARATION: Do not refrigerate, freeze or centrifuge
Deliver to lab immediately after draw. SPECIM PREPARATION: Testing must be completed within 2 hours of collection



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