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Rocky Mountain Laboratories

Experience the Revolution with RML.

See what happens when swift diagnostics meet compassionate care. Unmatched speed and precision delivered with a seemingly forgotten trait in the industry, empathy. These values make up the heart of our laboratory services, all built around the needs of those we serve, you.

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Precision in Infectious Disease, Toxicology, Chemistry, Immunology, Hematology, Microscopy, and Coagulation.

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Quick turnaround times start with a rapid response for sample pickup requests. For a sample pickup, (Same day pickups prior to 9PM MST)

Empowering Providers, Enriching Lives

Discover the Heartbeat of Rocky Mountain Laboratories

As pioneers in the field, we seamlessly integrate state-of-the-art technology and compassionate care, redefining the healthcare landscape. Our unwavering dedication to accuracy and efficiency goes beyond just lab results. By prioritizing the welfare of our communities, we strive to create a future where health becomes a fulfilling journey of insightful and reliable information.

Our commitment to you goes beyond precision diagnostics, it’s about creating a transformative experience for every individual we serve. With a passion for excellence and a combination of empathy and science, we lead the way toward innovative healthcare solutions.

Quality of Care Services

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Infection Prevention

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Unlock precision with our molecular test menu

Precise Insights for Personalized Healthcare Solutions

PCR/RT-PCR – We utilize real time Polymerase Chain Reaction testing for rapid detection of pathogens.
  • Genetic Profiling

    Dive deep into your genetic makeup with our comprehensive genetic profiling tests. Uncover insights into potential health risks that can pave the way to proactive wellness.

  • Infectious Disease Identification

    Swiftly and accurately identify infectious agents with our molecular testing. Timely results empower healthcare providers to initiate targeted treatment plans for optimal patient outcomes.

  • Metabolic Health Assessment

    Gain a nuanced understanding of your metabolic health through our specialized testing. Personalized insights guide lifestyle choices and interventions for enhanced well-being.

  • Tailored Healthcare Interventions

    Our Molecular Test Menu isn't just about results; it's about actionable data. We empower both patients and healthcare providers to make informed decisions for proactive and targeted interventions.

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